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  • Microblading

    As natural as real eyebrows! The Japanese hand method of the microblading ensures a precise 3D-hair-drawing.

    With a very fine blade, the color pigments, in the form of an eyebrow, are scratched into the skin. With this technique, hair by hair will be drawn to form a perfect eyebrow, which can hardly be distinguished from naturally grown brows.

    In the known machine-made permanent makeup, one could simulate the eyebrows only by shading. The difference to the microblading is in the way of operation, the quality of work but above all in the fascinatin natural look of the result. Even on closer inspection, it is almost impossible to recognize that the brow was pigmented.

    A professional microblading is made with natural pigmentation paints, which are precisely matching to your natural browcolor. These are harmless to health and promise the highest degree of compatibility in the skin.

    Our customers are thoroughly advised before each pigmentation. Not only color and technology, but also the optimal browshape counts for a natural and beautiful result.

    Highly active pigments:
    Your health and safety first

    • 0% heavy metal
    • 0% lead
    • 0% cadmium
    • 0% nickel
    • 0% mercury
    • 0% cobalt
    • 0% tartrazine

    Eye Lash Extensions

    The secret of the stars!
    Make your look irresistible! With your gorgeous long and thick eyelashes!
    Known for a long time in Hollywood and now, no longer a secret to us. For those who desire an enchanting charisma, with the method of permanent eyelash extensions, it is possible. The eyelash extensions are like hair extensions as well as the nail art have become indispensable from the beauty industry. The extensions consist of fine individual allergy tested artificial hair which is not attached to the skin, but set piece by piece on the individual natural lashes. Therefore these lashes look absolutely natural and genuine. The eyelash glue was originally used in medicine to glue wounds and is therefore completely safe.During the job of the eyelash extensions, you will be completely comfortable with your eyes closed on the facial bed. Depending on complexity, the eyelash extension will take about 2 hours. The treatment is usually experienced as very pleasant, and depending on the client combined with a little nap.
    Because of the natural fall out of lashes, they need to be replaced at regular appointments. This refill appointments are every 2 – 4 weeks and will take about one hour..