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    Fadenlifting – Thread lift Swiss methodology

    Face lifting, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, lifting of sagging skin, body lift (immediately visible, painless, no scars, without bruices)

    Restylane Vital® Unterspritzung

    Restylane Injections Vital® (more volume in lips, sunken cheeks, wrinkled earlobes or “Lätschli”

    Soja Fettweg Spritzen

    Soy lipolysis injections (easy melting away body fat).

    Teeth Whitening – SMILEALARM

    You are never fully dressed without a smile!

    The latest and trendiest tooth bleaching treatment with Canadian formula is done by a trained person using whitening Gel and UV light.

    The whiteness of a tooth is affected by his age, coffee, tea, red wine, smoking and by many other drinks, food and surcumstances.
    Tooth whitening is a process that lightens discoloration of enamel and gives your teeth a natural and flawless color. You can increase the whiteness of your teeth in 4-7 steps – comparable to a treatment at your dentist, but much cheaper!

    Tooth whitening is also available as a home service for the whole family.


    1. Is it necessary to perform a pre-dental cleaning at the dentist?
    If your denture does not show any tartar in the front teeth, a dental cleaning is good but not necessary.
    2. Is the teeth whitening painful?
    No, the treatment is not painful but the feeling might be a bit unusual.
    3. Causes damage the dental bleaching gel teeth?
    No, absolutely not. Americans and Canadians whiten their teeth for years and have the most gorgeous smile in the world.
    4. Does the tooth bleaching effect the sensitivity of the teeth after the treatment?
    Some people will be slightly more sensitive after treatment but this only lasts a day or two. We recommend to brush the teeth with Sensodyne, if you are really sensitive.
    5. Are you allowed to smoke after the treatment?
    We recommend that in the first 24 hours to not smoke ( or less), also not drink and eat staying drinks and food ( like red wine, coffee, beetroot aso) in order to achieve an optimal result.
    6. Can the tooth bleaching improve discolorations that are caused by Tetrazyklinehaltige antibiotics?
    The treatment will adjust the shades of gray and make them white, but the end result will not be perfect. People with tooth discoloration of this type are happy about every little improvement that can be achieved.
    7. Problems with bleeding gums, what to do?
    The treatment is not damaging in any wise. If your gums bleed, it means that you should brush your teeth and floss more professional. Consult your dentist!
    8. What if the teeth are cold sensitive?
    Our gel is not aggressive and tooth whitening treatment will not make your teeth more sensitive.