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  • All SPA- and Beauty Treatments can be offered directly at your home.

    Manicure – Pedicure

    One of the most important attributes of beauty for women as well as for men, are the hands. Beautiful and well-groomed nails and hands are eye-catching and present a attractive look. Especially in the dry air of the mountains the skin suffers and dryes out much faster and looks very stressed. In order not to appear ungroomed it needs proper care and a little more attention is necessary, than in areas of high humidity.

    Exclusive Hand and Nail SPA

    Handbath with high quality essential oils, hand scrub, manicure, nail care moisturizing massage and nail polish base

    Revitalizing spa pedicure, foodbath with hight quality essential oils, luxury foot scrub, Cosmetic Foot & Nail callus care, reflexology massage, moisturizing and refreshing foot massage

    Nail Fashion

    Gone are the days of broken fingernails or unatractive nail shapes.
    A successful alternative for soft, thin or splintering fingernails.

    Nail sculpting with gel or acrylic
    Long-lasting Shellac

    Body Hair Removal – WAX

    The legend says that a special charm of the Queen of Sheba on King Solomon was her soft and hairless smooth skin. In the oriental culture body care was so fundamentally important that it was recommended in the scriptures. Today, a soft, smooth skin is part of the essential beauty ritual


    Healthy skin let’s the whole person glow!

    The face is the mirror of our soul and reveals something about how well we take care of ourselves. If you value a young, fresh look, should take a facial services. Thus, the skin retains its natural, delicate appearance. Even Mind and Soul are getting stimulated by revitalizing and rejuvenating facial treatments

    You can revitalize and rejuvenate the skin through the insertion of specific nutrients
    Professional hands massage in meditative, relaxing music, so you can hide away from the daily routine.
    Holiday for your soul! Your skin will thank you!

    Express recovery – MEN

    Light and Fresh care for stressed men’s skin with a relaxing facial massage.
    The high-quality men fluid (not commercially available) was created especially for stressed men’s skin in order to strengthen it and to give it freshness, vitality and energy. The emulsion of wheat proteins, caffeine and ginger extract is quickly absorbed and soothes any irritation. Evening primrose oil from organic farming provides deep penetrating moisture and revitalizes tired skin effectively.