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  • Make-up Party’s

    Get to know your individual style of make-up and learn how to skillfully emphasize your benefits and put small blemishes in the background or just let them dissapear.

    Organize your own “Home-Make-Up Party” and take advantage of professional tips from the make-up artist, along with your 5 best friends.

    (It’s a great gift idea and really good fun !)


    Make-up party’s at your home
    (the host is free of charge )

    Including makeup products and brushes selection during training

    Make-up for advanced adults

    A fresh complexion, a radiant look and a touch of youthness.

    The first little spots, little wrinkles and drooping eyelids are just reminders of all the fun we had until now. But we don’t necessarily want this “important unimportant’s” to represent our today’s look.

    Learn to accentuate your best features and to hide small blemishes.


    In the group
    Individual training

    Including make-up products and a selection of brushes during the training

    Professional Make-up

    Wedding Make-up
    or … look just great without a special reason!

    We come directly to your home or at the location you desired and style you and your maid of honor, mother, sister, mother in law with also the same.

    This service is of cause also available for a special gala evening, big ball night or a major ceremony, or if you just want to once again present at your best.



    Makeup & hair styling
    Pre appointment for testing hair and make-up
    Pre appointment testing the make-up

    Please let us know your special requests and concerns so we are able to create a very personal offer for your needs.
    Email: artist@stylealarm.ch or phone +41 79 457 01 33

    Teenager Make-up

    Get professional tips and tricks from the make-up artist for your school and job interviews.

    After learning the basics, it is possible to join the stylealarm-club to create your own fantasy make-up, learn catwalk creations, or make-up of templates.

    Let’s get started to conquer the future catwalks of the world !


    In the group
    Individual Make-up training

    Image Consulting

    “YOU’VE GOT STYLE”, is definitely one of the nicest compliments for LADIES as well as GENTLEMEN, concerning the harmony of the individual choice of clothes with the personality.

    Bring colors, materials, cuts and accessories in combination with your personal preferences into a harmonious unit. Learn how to sort your existing clothes selection, organize and re-combine for a successful personal style.

    With the newfound knowledge of this appropriate style, you not only strengthen your self-confidence but also protect yourself from expensive shopping mistakes.

    Achieve your appropriate style for life.

    Image & Style Consulting (about 2 hours)
    Each additional hour or for
    Wardrobe Check & Clothing Combinations, Shopping Assistants, Personal Color Consulting